Chapter 14. Terminal Torah Terror (ISIS is Israeli Proxy Army)


terminator-genesis-reboot-The International Jewish Supremacists are acting out their final desires for world domination, terror is now non-stop.  As a result of a world thrown into chaos from Terminal Torah Terror, the new and improved Terminator T3  model.  As the medicated, abused, impoverished world slowly awakes, Jewry will find itself in trouble again.  Oy Vey.

There is no doubt how this will end.  People will react to Jewish greed and manipulation just as they have hundreds of times before.  The goyim have a perfect track record, first they pretend to be sheep then they act as wolves toward Jewry.  The spineless Jews never own their actions and will whine and cry antisemitism.

Jewish Game of Secret Aggression and Passive Guilt

Jews have a commonly used expression amongst themselves “Oy Vey”  which is short for “Oy vey iz mir,”  which means “Oh, woe is me!”  The Jew knowingly commits crimes against goy and when caught sheepishly acts like a victim.  Are you tired of this unbelievable bullshit?  The camouflaged Jew is playing this secret game of acting very aggressively and when caught acts passively and publicly as a victim.  Oh woe is me, the world picks on me, I am the eternal victimized Jew.

YOU HAVE NEVER HEAR A GERMAN WHINE ABOUT DEFAMATION AND GENOCIDE EVEN THOUGH THE HOLOCAUST IS A HOAX.  Germany and the USA need to sue for the return of war reparations sent to Israel, they need to both repo all the military equipment, ships, aircraft and bombs sent to the terrorist state of Torah followers.  Since Israel can never repay for what she has done then the world needs to foreclose on the failed Jew state.

As the world wakes up, the Jew is cast into fear, incredible fear of roasting in ovens in some Gentile run regime.  The Jews know damn well what they are doing and can’t stop.  They know they are taking over and ripping off the goy, they even know deep down in their heartless heart of heartless hearts that they are going to get caught again.  So do they stop and sue for peace?  Never.  They will never ever be rational and try to live amongst us because they are supremacists.  Thus it is safe to say that we are in terminal Torah terror.  They have shifted this terror thing into overdrive and the world will have to stop everything and deal with them.

That’s what happens when you write a book that names you the superior chosen one while having strong attachment to ego.  You can’t stop acting out this game because you’re trapped by your own supremacist bullshit.  What a sad world this is.  What a pathetic planet specie we are, we are unable to stop this insane Jewish behavior and allow it to act out again and again.  We need to grow up and deal with Jewry, one final time.  That reminds me of a joke.

Joke of the Three Retired Jewish Business Men

The first Jewish business man tells his two colleagues in the retirement home that his thriving business printing Bibles burned down, so he collected insurance and retired.

The second Jewish business man says he had a productive factory he bought during a recession from a unlucky goyim, but then one day the factory blew up, so he collected full insurance and retired.

The third had a furniture business in the basement on main street, one day it got flooded and everything was ruined.   Being to old to start again, he collected the insurance and retired.

The the first two look at each other and the first asks “How do you make a flood?”

So have faith that this will all end, and rejoice that it will end very badly and be burned indelibly in human consciousness as a permanent memory.  The behavior spawned by the Old Testament teachings meets the Information Age.  The information about how the Jew should behave to get favor of Yahweh is no longer limited to Rabbinic Priests of the High Temple, it is available to anyone with the push of a key or clicking the latest mp3 file of Charlie Giuliani radio program Truth Hertz.  Oh yes Mr. Jew, truth is going to hurt you real bad.

Jew Terminator Robots From Hell

If you doubt that the Jew is like a robot acting out a script, the attempt to use an aircraft as a weapon of mass destruction.  They fooled us once, but now that we are on the internet and figured out 911, it is unlikely they can false flag us again without us being all over them like stink on shit.  They can do it again and again but they will not get away with it when we are on to them.

Once you accept that most of humanity is completely insane, then sit back and enjoy the show.  Watch as towers get hit by high speed aircraft and exploded in a rolling boil of Jet A cloud lit from high friction impact, or maybe it’s all CGI, who cares, have a sip of coffee as skyscrapers burn and US Treasury bond traders jump to their deaths from inflaming infernos.

When you see the towers crumble into dust on the Jewtube, get a refill and text your lover a romantic message.  Do not get emotionally involved in terminal Jewish terror, it is just a sign of their demise.

Was it ever ok to trade US Treasury Bonds in David Rockefeller’s Towers of Doom in downtown Jew York City?  Was it a good idea to keep going to work even after the FBI was caught red handed trying to blow up those very buildings in 1993?   What makes you think that making lots of Jew money by trading the stolen efforts of the American worker ok?

Is it a great loss if someone flies a plane into an IRS building?  Should you get wrapped up in anger when perverted Johnny comes to school with his deer rifle and takes out half of the teaching staff?  How about the retard family that calls 911 when their SSRI laced son is convulsing in front of the Israeli trained cop who plugs him right in front of the parents.  No charges are filed against the ‘officer of the law’.  LOL

Stay Calm and Have a Cup of Coffee

America is terminal.  Jew controlled and operated America is terminal.  That is good.  Watch the show, have another sip of your home brew.   Have another sip of some delicious dark roasted coffee.  Take it easy, stay calm, this is nothing more than the Universal Field of Consciousness having a convulsion, the collective god mind is going into terminal spasms.  Mythos is having a seizure, the entire Western world is based on the fraud of the Torah and the god of the Jew.

What a laugh, we get to watch the liars squirm in death throes, we get to watch the Catholic Church fail, we get to watch Israel get terminated.  It’s not a bad thing, this end game, because it is the end of the god damn state and religious liars.

What happens when you pull a bloodsucker off you leg and squish its head onto a rock?  It’s surviving appendage tail whips around in spirals as its nervous system sends random electrical pulses to muscles.  With the case of the Jews parasitising on the body politic, the Jews are like Lamprey Eel, they are huge bloodsuckers but now they have been caught and discovered.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAll they can do now is squirm in convulsions because the world is on to them and their books.  Once you quit believing in their books and chosen status all the Jew can do is terrorize you into submission.  But what if don’t allow fear to own you?  What if you stay calm and smile and remove them from your mind?  That is like pulling off a bloodsucker and squishing it’s head. All they can do is go spastic, squirm in death convulsions as they die.


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