Chapter 10. Israeli Deceptions Revealed by an Honest Jew


If you listen to Mike Peled, an Israeli Jew and son of an Israeli general, who is pushing for Palestinians rights, you get this completely different storyline how Israel took Palestinian land, and you learn how their warfare deception works.

An honest Israeli Jew tells the Real Truth about Israel

While researching his father’s army career and decisions, he says Israeli generals started the 1967 war because they had estimated the Egyptians were not military ready, that they initiated the war at an opportune time in order to take territory and destroy the Egyptian army.

This is exactly like blaming WW2 on Hitler, the aggressor always plants the blame of the aggression on the victim.  So much of what they accuse the Third Reich, is actually practiced by Israel right now, like the theft of Palestinian homes.

Additionally he says Israel works hard perpetrating the myths of the Bible, like the new City of King David – a king who never existed except in Bible text. American money is poured into these projects in Israel and in the United States money is poured into Creationist Museums that reinforce the Bible spell on the mass Christian mind, especially the literal interpretation of the Genesis myth.

Did Netanyahu Order the Hit on His Niece?

After carefully listening to video I checked the internet for anyone speculating whether Smadar Elhanan was intentionally killed by the state.  I found no conspiracy theory so I am offering one here.  The reason for my speculation is simple, there is nothing that Bibi (Antichrist) Netanyahu won’t do in order to accomplish his goals of a Jewish only state with NO Palestinians or Arabs.

netanyahu ordered hit on peace activist niece

What do we know about how the state operates under a psychopath?  Anyone can be killed, like on 911 when Bush had no problem killing 3,000 Americans in order to start the War of Terror.  Likewise anyone is expendable when it comes to making Israel the dominant nuclear power in the region like killing the American President JFK who Netanyahu just threatened Obama with a mention of the grassy knoll.

Killing of Israelis to start wars or send messages to opposition is perfectly acceptable to a psycho.  Netanyahu is a master of deception and will kill anyone getting in his way, including dissenting Israelis, including IDF soldiers.  This is also true in Zionist run Amerika, where Obama has Navy Seals kill a fake Bin Laden then he has the seal assassins killed.

The last thing Netanyahu wants is some famous son of Israel trying to make peace with Arabs when the secret plan is to rid Israel of all non-Jews.  Politics of driving the nation right, toward a militant position, is aided by the death of a child, a nation shocked – ‘look … can’t you see, that even a peace activist child is killed by those mad Palestinian suicide bombers’.

I believe that a close examination of the records is in order, Israel routinely plants dead bodies at the scene of the crime in order to frame or defame the target of their aggression.  Was Smadar Elhanan intentionally killed by Bibi Netanyahu?  I think the probably is high.


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