Chapter 16. Hitler Was Right About the Jews


Hitler was right about the Jews.  The reason why Hitler is endlessly vilified by the Jewish owned media and Hollywood is simple, Hitler had the Jews figured out, he determined that the failure of the German state was due to their influence inside and outside of Germany.  He talked about it, he wrote about it, he organized the state against the Jews and for this reason he is hated and feared by the Jews.

Here are parts of an article Jewish Rabbi Explains How Hitler Was Right!” abridged by Smoloko that was originally taken from by Benjamin Garland from the Daily Stormer which is adapted by me.  Hitler was right about the Jews and that is why Mein Kampf is becoming a best seller again.  As Amerika is ground down into a Goyim slave plantation, a North American Jewish slum, people are waking up because the Talmudic boot is on their throats.

Note from Dennis Wise – Some Jews claim they have never been taught about the threat of communism or in other words the bolshevik Jews threat to Germany and the rest of Europe. Reading from the newly allowed Hebrew translation of Mein Kampf they are stunned it was not in their curriculum instigated by left wing socialists. Now they understand why Hitler was opposed to the Jews with over 30 million dead in the Soviet Union and Germany next in line. Maybe this Rabbi should question the whole curriculum? For more watch full version of AH: The Greatest Story Never Told.

Through the Jewish mass media, important facts about our history become associated in the public mind with the insane ravings of cartoonish neo-Nazi villains such as those found in movies like Romper Stomper, Higher Learning and American History X, while Jews are always portrayed in a favorable or sympathetic light.


The “Holocaust” narrative is used as a shield to protect Jews from criticism and as a weapon to guilt-trip Whites into accepting their own ethnic displacement (i.e. genocide), simultaneously.  The Holohoax is a mind control program promulgated by Jewish as a psyop on the mass Gentile-Christian mind.  Over 60 million people died in World War 2 yet you are only to be concerned about the Jewish deaths, a number not even close to six million.

Fortunately, though it is shoved down everyone’s throat 24 hours a day, many young Americans could care less about the stupid hoax. Naturally, this is a great concern for the Jews. With Holocaust mythology being the main source of their power, they need the youth thoroughly indoctrinated with it.  But with the internet and social media, the myth is being bust wide open at the same time the world economy reaches an exponential inflationary limit of Jewish bank debt.


There is another important point that needs to be understood about the Holocaust story though, aside from it being a gigantic lie:

Even if did happen, we as White people would have no reason whatsoever to be concerned about it.

That’s right – who cares?

The Jews were the cause of World War II. They started it to crush the one European nation that chose to be the master of its own destiny free of the Jews’ hostile, foreign influence.  When the world economy collapses then no one will care about WW2 myths, they will be concerned about their own survival.

jewsdeclarewarSo it is inevitable that virulent nationalism is coming to European states and Amerika.  The people have had it, the fake news of the Main Stream Media is being rejected by the mass mind.  Slowly but surely as the Jewish myths are busted, the Gentile minds will be liberated from the Jewish black magic spells of Christianity, Holocaust, Federal Reserve, and the war myths.


So why in the world should we care what happened to the Jews as a result of a war which they started, which cost the lives of tens of millions of our own people, and which they ultimately won?

The Jews were not the victims of World War II – they were the instigators. And they were the winners, while we Whites were the losers.

They know this, and they are proud of it.


Do you think the Jews ever shed a tear over dead goyim? On the contrary, on most Jewish holidays they celebrate the slaughtering of gentiles. On Purim, for instance, they celebrate genociding the ancient Persians by eating pastries in the shape of King Haman’s ears in a mock cannibalistic ritual.

As with everything we write about, these facts are easily verifiable, in many cases from Jewish sources. It’s just that these facts are kept from the masses, while propaganda films like Schindler’s List are regularly beamed into hundreds of millions of homes over Jewish-controlled televisions.

Through the Jewish mass media, important facts about our history become associated in the public mind with the insane ravings of cartoonish neo-Nazi villains such as those found in movies like Romper Stomper, Higher Learning and American History X, while Jews are always portrayed in a favorable or sympathetic light.


Let’s take the following assertions, which I will subsequently verify with an authoritative Jewish source:


  1. Jews believe that they are superior to gentiles and will therefore rightfully inherit the earth.
  2. Marxism is an outgrowth of Judaism.
  3. There is no scientific basis for Marxism; it is a religion.
  4. The religion of Marxism, taken to its logical conclusion, destroys the White race and Western civilization while increasing Jewish power.
  5. The Jews identify with the lower classes in order to use them as a weapon to overthrow the natural leadership of a nation.
  6. Communism comes from the Jewish spirit, and the bloody Bolshevik revolution was the Jewish takeover of Russia.
  7. World War II was at its core a struggle between the Jewish ideology of Marxism and the European ideology of Fascism.
  8. Any gentile who adapts the worldview of Communism, Marxism, Internationalism and/or Democracy becomes a Jew in spirit, for all intents and purposes, as these ideologies serve to further Jewish power and Jewish interests.
  9. Adolf Hitler was right about Jews. He was right that the Jewish problem is at the center of all problems in the world and he was right that the Jewish mind is poisonous to the soul of the White race.

The average person would probably roll their eyes at the above nine statements, due to their indoctrination. I personally believe them to be correct, but they are not entirely my own. Rather they are paraphrased from passages in the 1939 book A Program for the Jews and An Answer to All Anti-Semites; A Program for Humanity, written by a Jewish leader named Rabbi Harry Waton.


Jewish supremacist Harry Waton.

Here are the nine quotes by Waton which will back up the nine statements above.

Note that the following quotes by Waton are not made up or taken out of context. Page numbers are given, and the pdf is found here. More selected quotes by him are found here.

  1. “Since the Jews are the highest and most cultured people on earth, the Jews have a right to subordinate to themselves the rest of mankind and to be the masters over the whole earth.” (p.99)
  2. “It is not an accident that Judaism gave birth to Marxism, and it is not an accident that the Jews readily took up Marxism; all this was in perfect accord with the progress of Judaism and the Jews.” (p.148)
  3. “[W]hen we disregard the scientific cloak of Marxism, we see that in essence it is nothing else than religion.” (p.138)
  4. “[T]he Aryans will be destroyed and Marxism will triumph.” (p.98)
  5. “For identifying themselves with the working class the Jews will incur the displeasure and hatred of the ruling classes, but the Jews must not fear the ruling classes: their rule will be only for a while.” (p.163)
  6. “[T]he communist soul is the soul of Judaism . . . in the Russian revolution the triumph of communism was the triumph of Judaism.” (p.143)
  7. “A bloody world struggle between communism and fascism is inevitable. This is the world situation that faces mankind. . . . The outcome of this struggle will determine the next social order.” (p.139-140)
  8. “Any one who accepts the Jewish world philosophy [Communism, Marxism, Internationalism and/or Democracy], in the whole or in the part, becomes a Jew to all intents and purposes.” (p.159)
  9. “[T]he leader of the German people has no doubt in his mind that the Jewish problem is the center of all problems, not merely in Germany, but in the world. It is useless to dismiss this as an illusion, because if it is, it demands explanation. But it is no illusion. It is the truth. Hitler’s declaration that the Jewish consciousness is poison to the Aryan races is the deepest insight that the Western world has yet achieved in its own nature; and his capacity to realize this is the proof of his genius” (p.199)



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