Chapter 8. The Torah Beget Satanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seen writing in a Torah Scroll, dedicated to the Jewish victims killed in a terror attack in Paris, France, a few weeks ago. February 05, 2015. Photo by Kobi Gideon / GPO *** Local Caption *** ??? ?????? ?????? ?????? ???? ??? ? ??? ???? ?????? ???? ??????? ?????? ????? ????, ?? ???? ????

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (ALSO KNOWN AS SATANYAHU) seen writing in a Torah Scroll, dedicated to the Jewish victims killed in a terror attack in Paris, France, AN ATTACK HE ORDERED!   (February 05, 2015)

The God meme beget the Torah which beget the Talmud which beget the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion which beget the Zionist State of Israel which beget hell on earth.  Any questions?


Ok, you might want a better explanation.  How did we go from the Torah Scroll to Netanyahu?  Simple.  The Jew holy books are templates on the use of force, the initiation of the use of force.  Nearly everyday Bibi Satanyahu is destroying someone’s private home, via the Jew state of evil, because of what some ancient Jew book says.

torah beget the talmud beget protocols beget zionism and bibi satanyahu

So what’s the real problem with Mr. Jew?  He thinks he has the right to initiate the use of force because of his chosen status.  By claiming the god meme, the Jew uses force and fraud against others, the problem is now so huge it has become the number one world issue at this time and threatens the species with extinction.


Who did 911?  Jews?  Without any moral conscience, the Jew initiated force against the United States, blamed it on Muslims, then with this monumental fraud pushed America into multiple Middle East wars that have killed and displaced tens of millions of human beings.  But most Christians think the Jew is close to God, a chosen holy race!


The Jew problem goes way back, before the book, to the tribe that formed a racist supremacist philosophy of existence.  In order to be a predator amongst humanity, the self aware predator must have a way to justify theft and murder.  The Jew invented his book, a manual of predation against Goyim, then rewrote it again as the Talmud then as the Protocols.  With each version the Jew hate for us grew more intense, until 9-11-2001, when the Jews blew up the World Trade Center.

benjamin_netanyahu_sickest fuck on the planet

Netanyahu has been elected again, for the third time and has formed the most virulent right wing party in Israel’s history.  Blood will now flow in rivers, Mr. Jew Predator has come into his own.  But you have to understand, to the Jew, Bibi is perfectly normal, he is perfect expression of what God tells the Israelites to do in the Torah.  God commands his people to kill in anger and a state of wrath, rape the enemy, kill all except for the young females, keep them for rape or wives.

Protocols-of-the-Learned-Elders-of-Zion RIGHT IS MIGHT

The God of Jew holy book is a psychopath just like the Jew.  Obviously this God is a projection of Jewish personality on to the imagined deity.  Nevertheless, everyone seems to like this God, worship this God, including the Goyim masses who are it’s intended victims.  Humans are sick.  The underlying principle of the Holy Bible is Right is Might.  The Jew says he has the right to use you, defraud you, lie to you, and even kill you.


Bible believers like to imagine that the Holy Bible is God’s holy word while the Talmud evil.  But they are wrong, they are the same thing.  Christian patriots like to believe that most Jews are good while the bad Jews are Zionists, but they are wrong, for they are the same thing.  Zionism is the perfect logical expression of Judaism.


The initiation of force is never moral, the initiation of force is the act of initiating force against another, as opposed to retaliatory force. Force includes such acts as murder, theft, threats, and fraud. It is acting against another person without their consent.   Who does this on a regular basis?  Jews.  Jewish run governments, like America and the Zionist state.


The entire basis of Western Civilization is the Holy Bible, and it’s underlying premise is wrong, initiating force is always wrong, defending is what is moral, using force, like destroying the WTC and starting wars is immoral.  The Holy Bible can not be moral for the book was written as a justification for evil acts of a predatory race of Neanderthals.

White Europeans need to wake up and smell the Jew rotting their civilization.  There is no middle ground with the Neanderthal predators, they are always right, so help them into the next life so they can spend eternity with their ‘god’.   Believing the Holy Bible to be the word of God is the most deadly delusion of the White man, but he does because of his own internal flaws.


911 was a great deception, but so was the recent terror attack in Paris, one that Bibi probably ordered, as he was the only beneficiary on the planet.  False flag attacks are another example of the use of force, initiating the bombing attack and blaming it on another.  The Jew way is the Jew holy book way and Satanyahu is a perfect expression of the Torah and why he remains popular with Jews everywhere.


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