Chapter 11. Victimization Psychology of the Jews



Nearly every Jew has a grandmother that was roasted in an oven by those evil Nazis.   They insist you believe this even though the Germans had no extermination program, the gas chambers are a myth.  During the war, energy would not have been wasted disposing of dead bodies by an energy consumptive incineration process.  There is no way the extremely proficient German engineers wasted precious resources gasifying Jews in small batch jobs, Germans would have built large factories and made efficient use of scale to get rid of Jews.  Oven roasted Jews is an insult to German efficiency.


So why does nearly every Jew you meet believe in the Holocaust?  Because they want to believe because it puts their mind into a state of victimization.  There is power in being a professional victim, society is made to pay and the Jew is worshiped as histories unfortunate downtrodden outcast.  Woa unto me is a psychological game the Jew plays to work the goyim over.  Victim role playing is a form of abuse, it is a way to manipulate, it is a strategy used by the Jews to take political power.

The Holocaust is Jewish worship.  If you believe in the Holocaust and eternal victimization of the Jews thenyou are making the Jews god in your mind.  The Bible teaches this myth, the Bible is psychological abuse of the gentile mind.  Hundreds of millions of people have been killed in the last few centuries.  One hundred million Native Americans killed by the conquest of the new world is a far greater number than a couple of hundred thousand Jews who died in the camps.

As the Jew ruins the civilized world with his schemes he plays the “don’t blame the victim” card.  The Jew hides behind the victim mask while working the world over, he has taken victimization to new heights, dropping incendiary bombs on helpless women and children in Gaza while whining about the Holocaust.


This phenomenon can be clearly seen with the homeless.  They all have a story of why they are homeless.  They expect people to help them, they never own their experience as self causal, they never say that they are drunk in the gutter because of their own actions.  Jews think just like bums, they all have this victimhood mentality, they all whine about the condition of being Jew, they all believe that the world is out to get them for being born a Jew.  I am Jew, I am Job, woa unto me.

The Jew has never seen his actions as causal to his persecution.  He can not see that the world hates him because of his actions, that the responsible world of doers every so often puts its foot down and deals with them.  This is what the Jew fears and attacks.  The German was a proficient worker, this the Jew detests beyond measure.  The Jew detests honest work more than anything else and Hitler put them in work camps.   No wonder they hate Hitler with unrestrained madness.  No one puts gods into work camps!


Hitler figured them out and put them to work.  They were made to work for the state, not a state in which Jews were gods, but as inferiors.  But the Jew believes he owns the state because with his book he established authority in the minds of the gentiles.  Take a good look at who runs the government.  The Jew believes he can only be in a position of management and on the receiving end of the state, controlling others is a job the Jew agrees to work.  Jews take every government job they can, the Jews get every government contract they can, Jews get almost all of the DHS grant money, grants were set up so the Jew could loot the state.

If you look at all the nations in history then America is the Shangri-La for Jews, the American state bankrolls all of their grandest visions, the state allowed them to become kings, they run Hollywood and the media.  In America the Jew is God, they are on every talk show, they control every debate, they have their faces all over the television and supermarket tabloids.  In America, Jewish rock stars have an insatiable lust for goyim women, America is heaven for those Jews who antics mesmerize the slutty white women.  Playboy a Jewish stable for the best of gentile women.


So next time you here a Jew whining about how his grandma was roasted in a German oven, see the lie for what it is, see the game he plays manipulating you demanding your acquiescence to the Holocaust storyline.  Watch his reaction when you politely say, ” I’m sorry, I don’t believe in the Holocaust”.  We can only hope that next time, we will have more resolve than Hitler in dealing with Mr. Jew.

In the upcoming revolution, we will eventually take political power away from the Jew and the Department of Homeland Security, which is currently being set up to protect the Jew from goyim rage when the system melts down.  At that point the Jews will flee America with all their ill gotten loot, just like they did Pharoah.  Nothing every changes for the eternal Jew, their behavior is a finely tuned thievery and deception.



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